APACHES Apaches is a throw featuring an elaborate jacquard pattern inspired by the patchwork motifs of handmade carpets. N. BISANZIO CHECK Bisanzio Check is a throw made from Cashmere and Merino Wools. The refined mélange natural tones, masterly displayed in a tartan-based design, add an elegant and always modern style to the ambience of your home. N. BISANZIO Bisanzio is a throw made from Cashmere and Merino Wools. The refined mélange natural tones create a minimal and refined style that readily accompanies different furnishing designs. This throw adds an elegant touch of design to your home, a present for your guests and for yourself.
AMETISTA Ametista is a throw made from Fine Pure Merino Virgin Wool, and features a jacquard pattern and décor effects. IRLANDA Irlanda is a throw made from Fine Pure Merino Wool, and has a soft and delicate “hand”. The elegant tartan pattern has sophisticated chromatic tones that reflect the latest trends in home furnishings. DOLCEZZA Dolcezza, the ideal present for your child: a playful, fringed blanket in Pure Merino Lambs-Wool. Its properties such as, moisture absorption and thermoregulation, are ideal in protecting the health and well-being of your child. Perfectly suited for the cradle and stroller or, in its larger size, for the child’s bed.
N.FIORDILOTO Fiordiloto is a blanket made from Merino Wool enriched with 10% Cashmere Wool. The double-sided structure enables the presence of two colour tones in one blanket. Its softness and comfort, along with the natural properties of the fibre, such as moisture absorption and thermoregulation, ensure a healthy and natural sleep. CHROMA Chroma is a blanket made from Pure Virgin Wool and is ideal for winter. Offered in various individual colours, it features a colour-matching hem and handcrafted “hooded corners”. CADORO Cadoro blanket.